Capture every detail of every interaction.
Client SDKs make it a breeze to track every action, and combining that with your existing tools - CRM, e-comm platform, error tracking, or any other system.


Make the data easy to work with.
Different use-cases means different requirements, and our platform provides the tools to meet them all - Remove noise, transform the data to fit your needs, and identify your users across all channels.


Push data to where it matters.
Data is only valuable when put to use, and we don't keep it laying about - we distribute it to where you need it to be, be it an AWS service, a custom-built database, or another cloud service.


Live Demo

Check out our live demo of our user interaction tracking of this page. The demo shows how our web tracking can be set up to collect data about how users interact with your site - and even different areas on your site.

Start inspector


  • Pre-defined or tailored models
  • Batch or streaming ingestions
  • Custom identity becons
  • Scalable

  • Elastic infrastructure
  • Pay for what you see
  • Extensible

  • Connect your services
  • Plug in custom rules and transformations
  • Distribute data anywhere
  • OSS
  • Transparent

  • Intuitive interfaces
  • Audit logs
  • Detailed monitoring
  • Secure

  • Best-in-class security technologies
  • Granular access control
  • Privacy first
  • Control

    Keep track of what is being collected from where and who can access which data through our intuitive management interfaces.

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